Koppany Visnyei, MD PhD ( "Dr. V")


Specialty areas:

Internal Medicine

Primary care

Men’s Health

Infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS

STD Testing and treatment


LGBTQ and Sexual health


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About Dr. V


Dr Visnyei (a.k.a. “Dr V") is a board certified internist who has been serving the Beverly Hills / West Hollywood area in Los Angeles for over 5 years. He is a native of Hungary, graduated from Hannover Medical School in Germany, and worked at distinct hospitals across the globe, including the University Hospital of the University of Zurich in Switzerland and the University of Uppsala in Sweden. He got re-certified as an internist in the US at the Griffin/Yale program in Connecticut and at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. He also has an academic background in neurosurgical sciences, neuroscience and molecular biology.


Dr V has been working in the outpatient setting since 2013, focusing on primary care, infectious diseases, men’s health and the gay, lesbian, transgender / LGBTQ community. Most of Dr V’s patients are members of the LGBTQ community,  however Dr V sees a wide range of patients. Dr Visnyei is on the forefront of HIV, PrEP, Hepatitis C, other sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and other infectious diseases.


Dr V is a member of the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of HIV Medicine, the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA), the Society for Neuroscience, the American Association of Cancer Research and of Collaborative Drug Discovery. Dr V has been distinguished with  several honors and awards, including the Planetree Patient Centered Care Medallion, the Award of Excellence for outstanding Performance from the Alzheimers Association, the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Foundation for Biomedicine Award and the Biomedical Sciences Exchange Program Scholarship Award. Dr Visnyei authored a number of peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals including Science, Cancer Research, Stem Cells and Stroke. Dr V has given countless talks both to academic and non-academic audiences nationally and internationally.


For more information about Dr Visnyei’s biography or his practice, please feel free to contact our office.