Dr. Phillip Musikanth, MD


Specialty areas:

Internal Medicine and HIV


Accepting new patients:

New patients for Dr. Musikanth will be seen by Natalie Rabb, MSN, AGNP-C



Dr. Musikanth has been practicing medicine since 1986. Known for his genuine commitment, compassion and expertise, his journey began in his home land, South Africa.


Dr. Musikanth's medical practice is focusing on General Internal Medicine and HIV / AIDS. He has been involved in various clinical trials for new HIV treatments as both principle and sub investigator.



  • LAC-USC MEDICAL CENTER - Residency - Internal Medicine
  • UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN - Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery
  • UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN - Bachelor Of Science in Microbiology


Website: www.phillipmusikanthmd.com